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Design and installation for Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are a great way to improve the image and sound attenuation of any commercial, industrial or retail environment. Aztec has numerous suppliers to provide the most effective suspended ceiling system for most applications.

General Office Environments

Sports and Leisure Environments

Computer Room Environments

Clean Room Environments

Shops and Retail Establishments

As well as being visually pleasing suspended ceilings can also perform in the following ways:-

  • Acoustic Suspended Ceilings: The majority of suspended ceilings add acoustic performance and reduce the reverberation of sound within the environment it is implemented.
  • Fire Rated Suspended Ceilings: Both Half Hour Fire Rating and One Hour Fire Rating can be offered to a structural soffit. This can be a major benefit if you are looking to enhance the fire performance of both old and new building structures.
  • Moisture Resistant Suspended Ceilings: Areas with high humidity such as swimming pools, toilets, showers, garden centres etc often require ceilings. We offer a number of various suspended ceilings that can perform in these conditions.
  • Clean Room Suspended ceilings: Suspended ceilings can offer a practical solution for the Clean Room Environment. Aztec have provided such solutions to companies both within the electronics industry and the IT industry.
  • Fire Suppression Suspended Ceilings: Aztec provide suspended ceilings to perform within a Fire Suppression Environment. Please ask for details.
Should you require any further information with regards to any of the above systems please contact Aztec on 01202 621008