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Mezzanine Floors

Design and installation for the Office, Industrial and Warehouse Environment

Mezzanine Flooring

Aztec design mezzanine floors that will increase the floor space within your existing building.

By utilising the available internal height of your building, you will increase your office, factory or warehouse footprint. An ideal solution that saves you money by not having to move to larger premises and eliminates any expensive relocation costs.

Mezzanine flooring is quick to install and can be fitted-out to provide whatever type of space your company requires. When designed correctly, it can also be extended, therefore allowing it to grow with your business – a truly flexible, future proof solution.

Additionally, it can be relatively easy to remove, which helps considerably with dilapidation costs should you need to move to new premises.

Aztec Mezzanine Floor Benefits

  • Use your available vertical space
  • Gain more workspace without the cost of moving premises
  • A flexible solution to expansion
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Ease of installation
Mezzanine Floor With Offices

How Mezzanines Are Used

Additional Office Space

Supplied with a level of finish that is appropriate for the situation, our mezzanine flooring is used in all types of locations. Our flexible office partitioning systems provide for standard and executive office space, suitable for use above and below your new floor.

Additional Storage

Needing to expand storage capacity is a common reason to have a mezzanine floor installed. We can provide cages, racking and shelving if required and will ensure the installation is suitable for its intended purpose.

Fitting Out

Our mezzanine floors create space that can be fitted-out to accommodate all types of working environment. As well as offices and storage, your new space can be fitted-out as reception areas, cloakrooms, washrooms, cleanrooms, server rooms, canteens, manufacturing areas, or retail environments. The choice is endless.

Mezzanine Floor Meeting Area

If you have any questions about the opportunities mezzanine flooring can provide, or would like to discuss your project and receive a competitive quotation, please call our team on 01202 621008

Mezzanine Floor Warehouse Storage
Shelving above and below mezzanine floor.
Mezzanine Floor Warehouse Offices
Office accommodation on top of mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine FAQ’s

Q. Do Mezzanine Floors take long to install?

A.   No. The average mezzanine floor per 100 square meters floor area will only take two days to install.

Q. Will I need Building Regulations Approval?

A.   Yes. Aztec can submit Building Regulations Applications on your behalf.

Q. Is there much disruption to our business?

A.   No. Because of the nature of the construction Aztec reduces any possible disruption by providing effective pre-planning allowing you to focus on your day to day business.

Q. What can I use the Mezzanine floor for?

A.   Almost anything, from creating additional office space to assembly working areas to storage of light and heavy industrial equipment.