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Office Screens & Hygienic Workplace Dividers

Helping you to create a safer environment

Temporary Screens to Office Desks

Aztec have discovered a temporary solution to distance office staff at their work stations. These screens temporarily adhere to your existing office fabric desk dividers to provide both privacy and a cleanable hygienic surround.

Desk Screen
Desk Screen

Food Serving Areas

Aztec have developed an innovative solution for protecting the open food counter and staff, whilst giving the customer the optimal visibility of the food on offer.

Once the items have been chosen the food can be safely delivered at the food collection point.

Food Serving Area Covid Secure Screens
Food Serving Area Covid Secure Screens

Till Point Booths

Aztec have designed this two-sided enclosure which gives both protection to the Till operator and the customer.

The Till operator is located behind a full height screen, with a small access point to facilitate the payment process. The shelf located on the outside of the booth allows the customer to rest their purchase whilst paying.

Till Point Booth - Covid Secure
Till Point Booth - Covid Secure

The Wash Room Environment:

Wash Hand Basin Protection Screen

Aztec are providing moisture resistant distance screens within the wash room environment.
This slimline compact laminate modesty screen design not only provides a hygienic surrounding but also gives the user privacy and protection.
We offer a full range of colours to compliment your existing wash room colour scheme.

Wash Hand Basin Modesty Screen - Covid Secure
Covid Secure Basin Screen
Double Wash Hand Basin with Covid Secure Modesty Screen

Urinal Distance/Privacy Screens

Aztec provide the same slimline construction to achieve both distancing and privacy solutions to Gents urinals. Being totally moisture proof and cleanable these screens are very hygienic. The gap at the bottom of the screens allow for easy cleaning of the existing flooring.

Covid Secure Urinal Screens
Covid Secure Urinal Screens