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Industrial Partitions

Factory Partitions – Warehouse Partitions – Cleanrooms

Industrial Partitioning Systems

If you need to improve the use of factory or warehouse floor space, add a new room, office, workshop, or storage facility, or create more efficient production areas, we can help.

Every business has unique requirements, and we take great care to ensure our solution will meet your specification.

We can design, supply, and install a wide range of industrial partitioning systems that provide a variety of functions, including:

  • Warehouse/Factory Offices
  • Factory & Warehouse Dividers
  • Canteens & Other Welfare Facilities
  • Mezzanine Floor Enclosures
  • Mesh Cages for Protection & Security
  • Bonded Stores
  • Cleanrooms

Benefits of Industrial Partitioning

  • Efficient use of existing space
  • Permanent but relocatable
  • Adaptable – can grow with your business
  • Wide selection of specifications available
  • Manage space without impacting the building’s structure
Industrial Partitioning Systems
Warehouse/Factory Offices.
Factory Divider
Factory Dividers.
Mezzanine Floor Enclosures
Mezzanine Floor Enclosures.
Factory Canteens
Factory Canteens.
Modular Steel Partitioning
Modular steel partitioning.

Modular Steel Partitioning

Modular partitioning systems allow us to create flexible divided areas in any large interior space.

Available in all-steel, steel/glass, and steel/mesh, with demountable or permanent options, the systems we install are exceptionally versatile, and we can design them to suit any factory or warehouse environment. Additionally, acoustic, insulated, and fire-rated options can be specified where required.

Benefits of Steel Partitioning Systems

  • More cost-effective than alternative solutions
  • Quicker and less disruptive to install
  • Generally self-supporting, taking up minimal floor space
  • Adapts to any required height and width without restriction


Protective Walkways
Protective Walkways.
Bonded Stores
Bonded Stores.
Mesh Cages
Mesh Cages.


We have supplied cleanroom partitioning for the electronics, cosmetic and aerospace industry. The systems we use have been tried, tested, and are trusted.

We design our modular, scalable, cleanroom partitioning systems to your specification and to suit your process. Our cleanrooms can meet international standards as required, and installation is quick and cost-effective.

Aztec can achieve a rapid turnaround from design to installation.

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